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Diamante Luxury International (DLi) specialises in bringing NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS to discerning women seeking to enhance their beauty through luxurious products.

DLi is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is the continent’s largest commercial hub, offering easy access to the rest of the African markets.

Our mission is to be an emporium of a wide range of products, suited for stylish and classy women in Africa and beyond. Our products are carefully selected from emerging and leading luxury brand names.

Our vision is to enhance the beauty of women in our chosen markets.


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Daily routine

Daily routine

During the first few months of 2014, regulars sported a new hairstyle: the undercut. The features shorter length on the sides as compared to the top.
Gallery Post

Gallery Post

The conditioner is one of the essential hair products. Not sound strange, the best conditioner, you can have, is the conditioner you can make on your own.

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Momsy Rufaro Mhuruyengwe
LOVE your Shea butter - my skin thanks you