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  • shea-soap-lavender-peppermint

    Our Shea Luxury range of skincare products is anchored by our best selling body oil, made from 100% Natural Shea Butter and fragranced with pure essential oils made from plant extracts.

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  • shea-sugar-scrub-strfrnt

    The shea butter sugar scrub is a natural body exfoliator used to get rid of dead skin cells leaving your skin ultra smooth

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  • unrefined shea butter.fw

    100% pure shea butter is a superior moisturizer, containing remarkable healing properties for various skin aliments. Unrefined Shea butter has the largest healing fraction and contains very special natural ingredients that are ideal for healthier skin.

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  • coconut oil.fw

    Coconut oil is wonderful as a face cleanser, moisturiser and sun screen to name a few. It also adds moisture to hair and gets rid of dandruff

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